One of the things that bothers me (and there are several), is the way that the retail people have literally hijacked Thanksgiving as they leap frog over it, most of the time a and fast forward to Christmas.  I have to see my part in this because I along, ( believe) with many others have allowed this to happen.   I wish we were more focused on the treacherous, dangerous trip most of our ancestors took to come to America and that it took real guts to do it.  I wish we spent more time learning about the kind of willingness to trust, connect and sit alongside our Native American Hosts, for the First Thanksgiving Dinner and that without them we would have starved to death.  That we are so blessed as a nation, a people, a community, a family of families that in my house we are deep frying several turkeys and that we are sharing time with neighbors who are new to our community from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

This might seem heavy to those who just want to celebrate an extra day off from work or school; for those who look forward once a year to connect with Family and friends; to those who relish the smorgesboard of football offerings; but I need to say out loud that I am wishing for something closer to a living Gratitude that transcends the Day for myself.  I want to be more present and am grateful that I am aware that others due to poverty, war, addiction, mental illness, and so much more are not.  I live in gratitude for my family, all of you and we are Many who trust in a Higher Power to guide and keep us always safe and protected.

I would be willing and able to give Thanksgiving the dignity and reverence it deserves through a more active commitment to living each day of the year in Grateful actions, thoughts, prayers and connections with my fellow human beings.   I want to live my Life as a Prayer.
I want to ground myself in Grace as my Center and let my actions spring forth from this place of Goodness.  Amen.